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Our VIsion Statement:

Revival word Chapel is a family Church;equiping Christians and building Churches to disciple the nations of the World with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which is perfect and revives the soul.

Our Mission Statement & Purpose:

'Equipping Christians, Building Churches, Discipling Nations'

  • We Exist To Celebrate God’s Presence( Worship )Ps.34:3,Ps122:1
  • We Exist To Communicate God’s Word (Evangelism ).  Acts.20:24, 
  • We Exist To Incorporate God’s Family   (Fellowship  )Eph 2:19
  • We Exist To Educate God’s People      ( Discipleship )Eph 4:12-13
  • We Exist To Demonstrate God’s Love    (Ministry) Eph 4:12-13

Our Beliefs/ Faith Statements:



We Believe

1.The Bible Is The Inspired Word And Is Infallible And Authoritative. -                                              2 Peter 1:20, 2 Timothy 3:16

2.There Is One True God, Eternally Existent In Three Person (Triune God)                                   Deuteronomy 6:4,Matt 28:19-20

3. In The Deity Of Our Lord Jesus Christ In His Virgin Birth, Sinless Life. Miracles and His Substitutionary Work On The Cross, In His Bodily Resurrection, In His Ascension, In His Ascension To The Right Hand Of the Father And His Future Return . Matt 1:23

4.Salvation Is Through Faith In Christ And Not Work.   Act 4:10-12, Eph 1:9-11

5. Sanctification or Holiness of life is obtained through Faith in the Word of God,the blood of Jesus and the work of the holy spirit in our lives. -   John 17:17, Eph.5:26;Heb.10;10,29; 1 peter 1:1, Gal.5:16 

6. The Rapture Of The Church And The Final Judgment Of The Wicked.-            Acts 4:10-12, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, Rev 20:6-11-15

7. That The Holy Spirit, The Third Person Of The Trinity ,Is In Every Believer And That The Gifts Of The Spirit And The Fruit Of The Spirit In The Lives Of  Believers Are Visible Demonstrations Of His Presence

8. The blessed hope of Christ's second coming,where christians who are dead will arise,and  those who are alive will be raptured. -    1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, Rev.20:1-6

9. Healing of sicknesses as well as forgiveness of sins is provided in the atonement of christ.               Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24

10. We look forward for a new heaven and a new Earth. -                                                                       2 Peter 2:13,Rev.21:1-4

11. Judgement for sinners and all those who reject the Gospel of our Lord Jesus christ.                          Rev. 21:8, Rev. 20:11-15

Value Statements- What We practice


  • We dance in our services as we praise the Lord. Ps.149:3 ;150:4
  • we worship the Lord whilst standing. 1 chron.23:30; 2 chron.20:19
  • We clap our hands. ps.47:1
  • We sing song of praises in our services. Ps.66:1,2 Ps.100:1,2
  • We play musical instruments in our services. ps.150:3-5;ps.33:2,3 Exo.15:20
  • We sometimes kneel down in worship-Ps.95:6,Phil.2:10
  • We pray in tongues. Ps.1 cor.14:2,5,14,15,18,jude 20
  • Sometimes after tongues, there is interpretation of tongues. 1 cor.14:3,5,27
  • we pay tithes and give offerings. mal.3:8-12, ps.50:14,Deut.16:16 Matt.23:23
  • We preach the gospel in homes,markets and other public places and at crusades.Acts.20:20,21; Mark 16:16-18.
  • We always go to church..Heb.10:25,Acts 2:46,Ps 122:1
  • We pray for deliverances,healing,prosperity and other signs and wonders. 1 cor.12:1-11,isaiah 8:18,luke 4:18-19, james 5:13-15
  • We have baptisms and communion services.Matt.16:16,Matt.28:19-20,1 cor.11:23-26,Matt.26:26-29
  • We Preach and practice holiness and righteousness in anticipation of Christ's second coming.2 cor.7:1,Heb.12:14,1 peter 1:15-16

Philosophy of Minstry (Seven Tenets)

We see the HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH as a Christ-centered church, where every activity, program and person revolves around Christ and not man. In this household every member should know who he or she is in Christ as a present day reality.

We see the WORSHIP of the household of faith as being Spontneous, creative, in spirit and in truth, with a liberty and freedom that is pleasing to God and accoumplishes His purpose. This worship will resonate the current sound of the apostolic and proghetic intent

We see PRAYER in the household of faith as being accurate, governmental and prophetic so that the church becomes a house of prayer for all nations. Such prayer needs to be birthed in expectanct waiting on the Lord.

We see the STRUCTURE of the household  of faith on all levels and relationships (from local bodies to global networks) not as a pyramid but rather as different planets revolving around " the Son" in their orbit. This structure recognizes apostolic oversight and prophetic input as a present day reality, where the members understand their function and are released into their ministries with the willingness to be corrected and disciplined when necessary.

We see the LEADERSHIP within the household of faith, as being based on the model of servent hood, fathering and mentoring. In this model leaders understand and profess their giftings, calling and function.

We see the MISSION and strategy of the household of faith to include the raising up of Kingdom strongholds within the enemy's territory with the purpose of reconcililing man to God and man to man in Jesus Christ.

 We see the REFORMATION of the household of faith as being a continuous process, transforming the members individually and corporately into the image of Christ. This reformation calls the church to embrace paradigm shifts and to move in the frequency of the Holy Spirit.

We have an Apostolic mandate to:

 1. Plant local Churches in various countries,towns and cities across the globe.

2. Build Children Homes, orphanages and Educational Insitution to empower individuals and equipt them to succeed using biblical principles.

3. Build Leadership and entreprenor centres to develope talent, enhance skills, promote change and raise future leaders.

4. Influence social and government change through our community involvemnet.

5. Liberate people from bondage and promote spiritual and economic growth.

6. Realease people from captivity through the preaching of the word of God.

7. Break down walls of paverty and sagnation, sickness and pull down strong holds in the lives of people through the power of the word, prays and prayer.

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