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History of RWCI

  • In November 1997, GOD spoke to Rev. Patrick Osei-Bonsu that he would put an evangelistic anointing upon his life; by which he would fish for men and shepherd them.

    • This prophecy began to materialise when GOD miraculously led him to preach to a couple of people who had been in a spiritual church for years and wanted to know the truth and find the right way. This happened on the 1st of February 1998.

      • An evangelistic campaign was then started which culminated in the founding of the church in June 1998. This inauguration was followed by a 14-day in-door crusade from 27th July to 9th August 1998. The crusade gave a lift and a raise to this ministry. The crusade theme: GOD will lift up your head” which was chosen from Zech 1:18-21 affected and changed many lives. It brought deliverance, healing and salvation to many people.

        • The mirth surrounding the establishment of a bible-believing church in the idolatry stronghold of Anloga: where the crusade was held and the church planted was broken. A place that had been discarded and branded as a “No-Go-Area” as far as the gospel is concerned; and where it is said that no self-supporting church can flourish; was penetrated through by the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ

          • This programme was seen by many as a hope and a sign of Revival in the satanic stronghold of Anloga and its environs. When the programme started; the rains that had started coming for a month was miraculously stopped and the on-and-off lighting system that was the order of the day for a year in Ghana was also stopped. It was a time of spiritual warfare in the heavenies as the fetish priest and spiritualists in that community did all that was in their power to stop the programme. However GOD moved tremendously and began fulfilling the words of prophecy in Isaiah 62 in the community

            • Rev. Patrick Osei-Bonsu; commissioned divinely from Joshua 1:1-9 to cause Revivals, enlighten people and churches in the things of GOD and to plant churches worldwide; was encouraged by GOD to go ahead and take that community for GOD. And since that time, Revival Word Chapel International has been spearheading Revivals in the area and the surrounding communities. A lot of people are been saved and miraculously receiving the touch of GOD. Many have received calls to ministry and a lot of Christians are been released to function in their various giftings through the preaching and teaching of Rev. Patrick Osei - Bonsu.

              • Rev. Patrick Osei-Bonsu has a vision of establishing a bible school named Ministry Training Institute where pastors and leaders would be trained in the community; a Christian academy where school children can also be modeled in a Christ-like character and a public Christian library. Revival Word Chapel also has as its vision to establish a radio and television ministry dubbed “Its Revival Time “ where multitudes of people and a number of homes could be reached with Revival messages


              • Rev. Patrick has the passion to plant churches worldwide especially the unreached areas.









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