CD-2011-My Divine year of New Beginnings and an Extra measure


The first decade of the millenium is over and another decade has began with the year 2011.The book of  Ruth talked about a woman named Naomi;who left Bethlem to the land of Moab with her family for a greener pastures.

However,for about 10 years her life grew from worse to worst.She lost her husband and her two sons.But the bible recounts that after 10years;when she heard that God has visited Bethlehem,She arose with her in-laws to return to her inheritance.The nuber cycle is complete and another cycle has have endured that situation all these while.Thank God it could not killl you.But 2011 is a year of New beginning.The God of New beginnings will be your God.A new page has been open for you, and God is giving you a fresh start.He gave Naomi and Ruth a fresh start.They went back to Bethehem for the left overs from the harvest.But GOD GAVE THEM AN EXTRA-MEASURE. tHEY RECEIVED IN THE LAND NOT A HARVEST BUT THEY INHERITANCE.THIS YEAR IS A YEAR OF POSSESING YOUR INHERITANCE.

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